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Experience a Luxurious Nordic Spa

Scandinavians balance life through SPA experiences and investing in their wellbeing. Whether it be for an hour, or the day, put everything else on hold and enjoy a spa excursion unlike any other - from the magical experience of a Finnish sauna to a purifying halotherapy session in a Himalayan salt lounge. Our rejuvenating spa services are intended to calm both your body and mind, while providing vital insight into how you can incorporate hygge into your wellness.


Sauna - Implications for aging 

Sauna is an integral part of the Scandinavian lifestyle, an ancient practise with profound implications for slowing aging. Scientific studies have identified strong links between sauna use and lower risk for age-related conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, and cognitive decline. 




Nordic Sauna

​Embrace the hygge lifestyle through a private sauna experience.

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Himalayan Salt Lounge

Known to increase energy, boost your mood, and reduce stress, a salt lounge is a space of  rejuvenation.

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Enjoy a massage rooted in European culture- focused on relaxation and healing.


Nordic Facial Glow

A hydrating face treatment featuring European facial massage, as well as Ayurvedic, Gua Sha and Multireflexology-inspired techniques.

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Nordic Self Care

Learn our natural and holistic Scandinavian health and well-being skincare practices to bring balance and harmony to your life.

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Nordic Stress Relief

European and Multireflexology-inspired  body renewal, using techniques that release tension and stress, promoting wellbeing, from the inside out.



Organic luxury skincare rooted in the essence of Scandinavian simplicity.

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Start you day with hygge inspired yoga class to calm the mind and move the body.


Day Spa

For guests looking to enjoy a Scandinavian Spa Experience for a day, without the overnight stay.

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