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Welcome to Scandinavia 


Experience Hygge and a luxurious Nordic Spa!
Welcome to Scandinavia! The Nordic way of life is simple: pay attention to the moment. Take time to appreciate the simple pleasures in life and experience the essence of Scandinavian wellbeing and happiness - Hygge.  Villa Hygge was designed to embrace the natural surroundings with warm, natural tones that evoke a peaceful atmosphere for you to experience the serenity of the Scandinavian lifestyle, in a space where wellbeing is your only priority. Embark on a wellness journey to a Nordic Spa - the first of its kind in the White Mountains: enjoy the benefits of a Himalayan salt lounge, experience the magic of an outdoor, traditional Finnish sauna, schedule a personalized aromatherapy massage, learn tips for a healthier way of life from healthcare professionals, and sample European cuisine to appreciate the art of mindful eating. However you choose to experience Hygge, come escape to Northern Europe and learn the secrets of the happiest countries in the world.
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