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Welcome to a Scandinavian wellbeing hotel & spa!


Experience Scandinavian lifestyle, luxurious Nordic Spa and exclusive wellbeing retreats
Welcome to Scandinavia! Enjoy the serenity and beauty of a Scandinavian lifestyle in a unique boutique hotel & spa, or participate in an exclusive wellbeing program. Whatever you choose, take time to appreciate the simple pleasures in life and experience the essence of Scandinavian wellbeing and happiness.

Villa Hygge® has partnered with Hintsa Corporation, the world leading wellbeing and high performance coaching company and is introducing new elite European wellbeing programs to the US!

Sustainable wellbeing, happiness and high performance

For 20 years this method has been used with elite athletes and business executives around the world, to enhance high performance and sustainable change.

This method was presented at the Davos World Economic Forum to the world's business and economic leaders on how to maintain high performance under stress.

The holistic method, Circle of Better Life, was developed by the Chief Medical Officer of the Finnish Olympic team, Dr. Aki Hintsa, a physician specialised in surgery and orthopedics. Dr. Hintsa worked for 11 years as a coach and Chief Medical Officer at Formula 1 racing and was responsible for the development of the McLaren Mercedes High Performance race team. Over the  past ten seasons, 96% of all Formula 1 races have been won by a Hintsa-supported driver.  As a Hintsa partner, Villa Hygge® will introduce the Circle of Better Life method to all professionals interested in better wellbeing and enhanced performance.

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