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Helping business professionals achieve sustainable change and high performance


This program is planned exclusively for corporate team building sessions. This is not a typical corporate retreat. The goal is to have sustainable change for the long term. The team will experience stimulating outdoor activities, lectures/discussions and receive an orientation to the Hintsa Circle of Better Life. Each team member will be assigned a personal coach for 7 months of individual development to build systematic behavioral change. Studies have demonstrated sustainable change does not occur with a single event, but matures with incremental change over time.

What can business leaders learn from top athletes and Formula 1 champions?


Professional athletes and corporate executives cannot reach elite performance if their life is not in balance. Constant travelling, lack of sleep, stressful schedules and dedicating oneself to work can be all-consuming. In formula 1, dominant athletes set themselves a goal, and then optimize the rest of their lives to support that goal. This optimized approach can be taught to anyone willing to embrace the Circle of Better Life methodology.

3 Day teambuilding

Sustainable wellbeing program for 3 days, 2 nights and 7 months of personal coaching. 


4 Day teambuilding

Sustainable wellbeing program for 4 days, 3 nights and 7 months of personal coaching.


Customized programs

Customize sustainable wellbeing programs and teambuilding activities for your company. 

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