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A wellbeing and spa day, immersed in nature


Reset and recharge to achieve better wellbeing and happiness. This day is for anyone looking for a fresh start, relax with friends or motivate a team. The Scandinavian secret to happiness is to be gentle with yourself and connect with nature, which calms down stress responses and reducing anxiety levels, allowing the brain to enter a more relaxed, clear, and creative state. The day consists of the following wellbeing spa elements: relaxing forest bathing guided hike, Scandinavian style breakfast, Swedish massage, authentic Finnish sauna, Himalayan salt lounge, Scandinavian cooking and hygge lunch.

Reach sustainable wellbeing and high performance 

Programs are designed for individuals, couples, friends, athletes or small teams. Anyone who has demanding work, stress and wants to improve their wellbeing and enhance performance. Our goal is to have sustainable change for the long term. You will experience stimulating outdoor activities, participate in lectures/discussions and receive an orientation to the Hintsa Circle of Better Life. At the end of the program, each individual will be assigned a personal coach for 7 months of individual development  to build systematic behavioral change. Studies have demonstrated sustainable change does not occur with a single event, but matures with incremental change over time.

Achieving success and remaining at the top requires more than just blind passion and hard work

The foundation for achieving high performance is rooted in our wellbeing and health, although often we don't realize the importance of this connection. Achieving success and remaining at the top requires more than just blind passion and hard work. Everything starts with the core, a person's inner motivation to change and from there we focus on the science and links between the different elements of well-being: physical activity, nutrition, sleep and recovery, biomechanics, mental energy and general health.


Wellbeing retreat

 Full day holistic approach to reset and recharge to achieve better wellbeing.


Wellbeing weekend

Learn the Scandinavia lifestyle to balance your stress and achieve healthy changes to your life.


4 Day program

Sustainable wellbeing program for 4 days, 3 nights & 7 months of personal coaching.

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