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Enjoy the simple pleasures in life and experience wellbeing, the Nordic way. 

‘’Each year Scandinavian countries are listed as the happiest countries in the world. Discover what makes Nordic people happy. ’’- Mari 

European Wine Tasting

 Discover your favorite European wines while learning the chemistry behind food and wine pairings.

Scandinavian Cooking

Explore the flavors of Scandinavia and learn the preparation of contemporary Nordic dishes.

Dining Experiences

Enjoy light hors d'oeuvres or a 7 course gourmet dinner that will take you on an excursion to the European dinner culture.

Hygge Coffee

Learn the basics of Scandinavian design and decor over complimentary coffee.


Outdoor Activities

Explore the outdoors. Complimentary bicycles, snow spikes and trekking poles available, seasonally.


Hygge Picnic

Experience the true Nordic lifestyle by sharing a pre-packed picnic  on your outdoor excursion

Please note, all facilities, events and bookings unrelated to Spa are exclusive to hotel guests.
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